Our Impact: 2015 – Present

JWFLF American Hostage Advocacy

Established Hostage US in 2015

  • Established Hostage US in 2015: With the help of The Ford Foundation, JWFLF funded the establishment of Hostage US, a non-profit, to confidentially support American families with a loved one kidnapped or unjustly detained abroad, as well as returning American hostages

  • Participated in 2015 American Hostage Review: resulted in Presidential Policy Directive 30 which created an inter-agency US Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell, Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs and White House Hostage Response Group whose sole mission us to bring American hostages home.

  • US Hostage Policy Research: JWFLF collaborated with Hostage US and the New America Foundation to research our current US hostage policy, resulting in New America’s 2017 “To Ransom or not to Ransom” initial hostage policy research report

collaboration for freelance journalist safety

2017 Foley Safety Training Grant Recipients and Instructors

2017 Foley Safety Training Grant Recipients and Instructors

  • Helped convene and fund ACOS, A Culture of Safety alliance in 2016: a historic international coalition of media companies, journalist NGO’s and independent conflict journalists to protect independent conflict journalists by increasing access to HEFAT (Hostile Environment and First Aid) training for freelance journalists and providing access to medical insurance, security expert information and editor safety training

  • Annually provides Foley Safety Training Grants:

    • 9/14-16/2017-collaborated with HP Risk Management to train 12 freelance conflict journalists

    • 10/18-20/2018-funded training for 17 freelance conflict journalists through Dart Center/Columbia University

      Education & inspiration of moral courage

    James W. Foley Journalist Safety Guide: A five-seminar university safety curriculum created by Ellen Shearer of Medill/Northwestern in collaboration with ACOS for schools of journalism, using Jim: The James Foley Story to prepare aspiring journalists for the inherent risks

  • Domestic and international screenings of “Jim: the James Foley Story” to raise awareness and discussion

  • “Inspiring Moral Courage One Person at a Time” through scholarships, fellows, lectures

    Coming in 2019

  • American Hostage Survey Report

  • James W. Foley Annual Summit on Hostages & Independent Conflict Reporting