Vision & Mission


OUr Vision

All American hostages will return home and conflict journalists who bring truth to light, like Jim, will be protected.

James W. Foley envisioned a world that respected the dignity and life of each person, regardless of socioeconomic status, cultural background or nationality. His life demonstrated an uncompromising commitment to the freedom of the press and advocacy for basic human rights.

Jim was known for his caring and joyful spirit, commitment, and bold idealism in an often cynical world. He gave a voice to those marginalized by poverty and conflict. Jim befriended them, listened to their stories and advocated for them. Jim was driven by a deep compassion for those without a voice.


Our Mission

To advocate for the freedom of all Americans held hostage abroad and promote the safety of journalists worldwide.

We Inspire

We inspire, educate and help develop students’ interest to serve as humanitarians, explore the value and the threats to freedom of speech and understand the dangers of freelance conflict journalism. We help them understand the important role journalists have played throughout centuries: alerting the world to human rights issues and profound suffering, as well as sharing the beauty found in all cultures.

We Educate

To raise awareness of the importance of journalism in the protection of our democracies around the world, we educate aspiring journalists through the James W. Foley Safety Guide Curriculum, using “Jim: The James Foley Story”.

We Advocate

  • For the safe return of all Americans held hostage or unjustly detained abroad

  • For families of American hostages in cooperation with Hostage US, a DC-based organization

  • For ongoing research on US hostage policy to ensure protection of Americans working internationally

  • For improved safety and treatment of journalists worldwide, particularly freelance conflict journalists

We Protect

  • The rights of journalists, and in particular freelancers, to report safely from dangerous zones

  • ACOS (A Culture of Safety) Alliance, an international coalition of media outlets and freelancers promoting the safety and equity of freelance journalists and photographers to help ensure freelancers receive insurance, training, and access to information on risks in the field