James W. Foley Legacy Foundation Announces 2017 James W. Foley Freedom Run 5K


The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation today announced its 2017 Freedom Run, which will be held on Saturday, Oct. 14, in Rochester, N.H., and around the world.

“Thousands are expected to come together for the run to remember the brave journalists who have died to keep us free, to cherish our freedom and to raise funds for the protection of independent journalists covering conflicts,” said Diane Foley, founder and president of the foundation.

James W. Foley was an American journalist, educator and humanitarian who was kidnapped in 2012 while on assignment and publicly executed in Syria in 2014. The Foundation seeks to “Inspire Moral Courage One Person at a Time” through its mission of advocacy for the safe return of all Americans detained abroad, protection of independent conflict journalists and education regarding threats to freedom.

The 5K Run/Walk seeks to raise $150,000 to provide access to Hostile Environment and First Aid Training for vulnerable independent conflict journalists working overseas.  Thus, far more than $66,000 has been raised. Information on how to sign up for the run and donate can be found at www.foleyrun.org.

Thanks to caring and generous people, Diane Foley said, the Foley Foundation has:

  • Funded the establishment of Hostage US, to assist families of Americans taken abroad, in collaboration with the Ford Foundation

  • Participated in the 2015 American Hostage Review, which created an inter-agency U.S. Hostage Recovery Fusion Cell, Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs and White House Hostage Response Group to coordinate U.S. efforts to bring American hostages home.

  • Collaborated with Hostage US and the New America Foundation to begin research on current U.S. hostage policy to ensure it protects Americans traveling abroad.

  • Helped convene an international alliance of media, NGOs and freelance journalists to create a “A Culture of Safety” (ACOS) for vulnerable independent conflict journalists

  • Provided 12 Foley Safety Training grants to independent conflict journalists for a three-day Hostile Environment/First Aid training course on 9/14-16/17 in collaboration with HP Risk Management

  • Developed the James W. Foley Journalist Safety Guide, a university curriculum for schools of journalism using the film Jim: The James Foley Story to prepare aspiring journalists for the inherent dangers in their work.

“Please go to www.foleyrun.org to remember, give thanks and help keep us free,” Diane Foley said.