Mark Donig

Mark Donig is a Washington-based corporate attorney whose practice fuses international venture capital, technology, and commercial diplomacy. 

Mark maintains an active humanitarian pro bono practice, helping lead or assist operations to defend U.S. hostages as well as international pro-democracy, women’s rights, and human rights dissidents.  Mark is the co-founder and serves as a member of the outside counsel team for the African Middle Eastern Leadership Project, a human rights nonprofit focused on defending and elevating the voices of millennial human rights and pluralism activists from the Middle East and Africa.  Mark is a two-time recipient (2017 and 2019) of the Certificate of Special Recognition from The Speaker of the US House of Representatives in honor of his humanitarian work.

Mark currently volunteers as a lay leader for the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, where he helps lead interfaith efforts on behalf of the families of the hostages held in Gaza.