Inspiring Moral Courage

Moral courage takes many forms. We seek to inspire our government to prioritize the freedom of innocent Americans held captive abroad, to secure press freedom by promoting journalist safety, to stand up for universal human rights and stand against the use of human beings as bargaining chips.

We must all do what’s right, even when we face risks for doing so.

In a challenging world, we honor and empower those who act for others, even at personal and political costs. James W. Foley envisioned a world where everyone, regardless of background, was valued. His life epitomized a commitment to press freedom and human rights.

With compassion and optimism, Jim championed the marginalized, lending them his voice and support. His deep empathy drove his actions.


James W. Foley Legacy Achievement Award

James W. Foley International Hostage Freedom Award

Bill Richardson Heart of a Patriot Award

2025: To be announced.

James W. Foley Middle East Fellowship at GroundTruth Project

James W. Foley Fellowship at The Committee to Protect Journalists

James W. Foley Scholarship at Marquette University Diederich College of Communication

James Foley Fellowship in Partnership with Northwestern University

James Foley Fellowship in Partnership with Marquette University

James W. Foley University of Massachusetts Memorial Writing Prize

Posthumous Awards Honoring James W. Foley

James Foley Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism

ONA: James Foley Award for Conflict Reporting

Doctorate in Human Letters from Plymouth State University

Hero Awards

We honor heroes of moral courage each Monday with the hashtag: #MoralCourageMonday

The following heroes support the mission of the Foley Foundation. Their moral courage is a model for all of us.

Martha Foley Jackson

Dr. Walter Hoerman

Foley Boston Marathon Runners

Foley U.S. Marine Corps Marathon Runners

Inspiring Moral Courage in Students