Hostage Advocacy

We advocate for the safe return of all Americans taken hostage or unjustly detained abroad and support hostage policy research to ensure protection of Americans working internationally.


Journalist Safety

We collaborate to protect vulnerable freelance journalists to continue to report safely from conflict zones.

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Educate + Inspire

We seek those who value moral courage and have a compassionate commitment to the freedom for Americans taken hostage abroad, freedom of the press, protection and equity for independent conflict journalists and basic human rights of all people.


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2018 Foley Freedom Run Highlights


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We continue to live Jim’s vision by inspiring, educating, and developing the next humanitarian.

For journalists out there getting the tough stories, the world can be a very dangerous place. Help us to help them get home safely.
— Diane Foley - Founder

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Jim: The James Foley Story

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Jim’s vision is possible through the power of partnerships. From universities, philanthropists, and corporate partners who support freedom, we can positively impact humanity.

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