Securing Hostage Freedom

We demand justice and accountability from the government for the release of hostages and for deterrence through investigation and prosecution of hostage takers.

The current number of publicly disclosed hostage and wrongful detention cases. The list to the right (current hostages) represents cases in which families have requested public advocacy.

How Do We Determine Who Is a Hostage or Wrongful Detainee?

The Foley Foundation considers the detention of an American to be unlawful or wrongful based on criteria found in the Robert Levinson Hostage-Recovery and Hostage-Taking Accountability Act adopted into law in December 2020.

Report cover for Brining Americans Home
Report cover for Brining Americans Home

Bring our families home
Hostage US

US Hostage & Wrongful Detainee flag

Our Source Flag

Similar to the cause of POWs and MIAs, hostages and wrongful detainees need an official flag to illustrate and remind the American people of the constant struggle of so many American families.

Bring Our Families Home

Concerned family members of American hostages & wrongfully held detainees campaigning for their immediate release

Bring our families home logo

Free Paul Whelan

Dedicated to US citizen Paul Whelan, currently unjustly detained in Russia. Includes hostage resources and updates.

Paul Whelan image

Hostage AID Worldwide (HAW)

A non-profit 501(c)(3) NGO which assists hostage victims and their families. This is done by providing insight on their cases, coordination with governments and UN bodies and a strategy to disrupt the hostage business model by combining global advocacy with data driven methods.

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The Richardson Center

The Richardson Center for Global Engagement promotes global peace and dialogue by identifying and working on areas of opportunity for engagement and citizen diplomacy with countries and communities not usually open to more formal diplomatic channels.

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POD Hostage Diplomacy

Works to free hostages and the unjustly detained worldwide. Host Daren Nair has been campaigning with many of these families for years and will introduce some of the most courageous and resilient people among us, people who have never given up hope, people who will never stop working to reunite their families.

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