Director of Hostage Advocacy & Research

The individual selected for this role will perform two critically important duties – conducting authoritative and independent research about hostage-taking of Americans abroad and leading the Foundation’s engagement with families of American captives.

  • Research: The employee will interview families of hostages and wrongful detainees, returned hostages, government officials, and third-party experts to gather insights. This qualitative research is set in the context of current and historical trends regarding the scourge of hostage-taking and unlawful detention. In addition to producing the Foundation’s flagship Bringing Americans Home report, the employee will also write supplemental policy research notes to inform public advocacy and discourse.
  • Advocacy: This role involves regular touchpoints with families, being responsive to case developments, and advocating side-by-side with (or on behalf of) individual families before government officials. This work is done confidentially and requires a high degree of emotional intelligence, empathy, and compassion.

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