April 3, 2024

Inescapable Truths: James Foley’s Indelible Legacy Opening Reception

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James “Jim” Foley was a conflict journalist and Medill graduate who covered violent civil wars in Libya and Syria. In 2012, he was captured in Syria. On August 19, 2014, Jim was beheaded by his captors in a public YouTube video that shocked the world. This year marks 10 years since Foley’s death.

Conflict journalists expose us to violent strife around the world and share the plight of those caught in the crossfire. Foley’s life was dedicated to documenting and sharing the stories of the individuals at the heart of wars to promote civil and political action. Artist Bradley McCallum uses Foley’s video footage from the civil wars in Libya and Syria to create oil paintings that he further activates with augmented reality, allowing viewers to experience Foley’s presence, and the footage that inspired the paintings.

Inescapable Truths will remain on view through May 7 at Dittmar Gallery and June 14 at University Library.

Welcome: Xuemao Wang, Dean of Libraries

Artist Talk: Bradley McCallum, artist and exhibition curator

Poetry Reading: Daniel Brock Johnson, poet

Dittmar Memorial Gallery, Norris University Center

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