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By giving every month you will help us to increase the free services we offer to hostage families. Your support allows us to better serve families and also to invest in our Journalist Safety Guide education platform we make available for free to journalists.

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Your donation allows us to protect journalists, serve families, and offer journalist safety training.



Please make checks out to:
James W. Foley Legacy Foundation

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James W. Foley Legacy Foundation
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Dear Friends of Jim,

We invite you to help us continue Jim’s legacy of courage, commitment and compassion into our wounded world.

Your generosity will help advocate for American hostages and their families; promote a culture of global safety and press freedom in conflict zones, and empower disadvantaged youth through education.

Your donation of funds, time or talent are all welcome.

Thank you for continuing Jim’s voice of freedom and justice for those without a voice.

With deepest gratitude for caring,

Diane and John Foley
Parents of James Foley


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